Eco-responsible manufacturing


Respect for human rights and ethics at work

Organic cotton, yes, but which exploits the misery of the world, no.

As you probably know, cotton cultivation in France and even in Europe is more than rare. We therefore turned to suppliers who meet high standards both in terms of product quality and durability, and in terms of social and environmental commitment.

To guarantee this, all of the products we sell on our store come only from suppliers who respect the ethical rules of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Created by the Netherlands in 1999, this foundation has developed a Code of Working Conditions In the enterprises. To obtain this label, textile manufacturers must respect a number of rules, including the non-exploitation of children through work, the right to free association and freedom of association, decent wages, regular working time and a day. off every seven days.

These principles which seem natural in France are far from being established everywhere in the world. This label is a real guarantee of the quality of work in textile garment factories since checks are carried out every year by independent experts. The certified and qualified suppliers that we have chosen are located in Bangladesh. Thanks to the textile industry, 4 million Bangladeshis (made up of 80% women) can now be financially independent.


An eco-responsible garment dye

According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, textile dyeing is the second largest water polluter in the world. This is due to the chemicals used to dye our clothes. When washed, environmentally harmful micro-particles associated with these dyes are released from clothing and wastewater treatment systems (for countries lucky enough to have them) do not allow filter these toxic substances.

Greenpeace report also indicates that 2/3 of the clothes of our cabinets contain dangerous toxic substances.

To avoid this, we have selected only certified clothing STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

This certification guarantees that the raw and intermediate materials used as well as the finished products do not contain no substance harmful to people and the environment, whatever the stage of production.


Ink that respects your skin and the environment

To print our designs on your clothes, we use a digital printing system called DTG (Direct To Garment translated by "Directly in textiles”). Thanks to that, rendering is as precise as a conventional paper printer can be and the touch of the textile is fantastic and is almost imperceptible.

To meet our ecological commitments, we use 100% eco-certified water-based inks by ECO PASSPORT from OEKO-TEX® and by the very serious GOTS 5.0 label.

Our inks therefore take care of your skin, banning chemicals, but are also much more environmentally friendly. 


Only certified 100% vegan products

All our suppliers are certified by the label PETA. This means that there have been no animal tests and no animal products in the products we put on our store.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or in French, For ethics in the treatment of animals) is the largest animal rights organization in the world. The companies that have signed the PETA Declaration of Assurance have verified that neither they nor their ingredient suppliers conduct, order or pay for any animal testing for their ingredients, formulations or finished products, anywhere. in the world, and would never do so in the future.

Lovers of animals before being in love with nature in the broad sense (and parents of two doggies of refuge and two kittens found abandoned), it was unthinkable for us to offer you articles that exploit animal suffering.


No overproduction, no waste

The articles we offer are originally blank for any design and are stored in our printing workshop in the south of France.

In order to avoid any form of waste, in particular through an overproduction of personalized clothing that cannot find buyers, our products are put into impression that once your order is validated.

The printing and shipping time is generally 2 to 4 days and delivery times in France are on average 2 to 4 days, you should receive your order between 4 and 8 days after validation.