Why organic cotton?



In 30 years, nearly 80% of the insects have disappeared. The cultivation of "classic" cotton takes a good share of responsibility since it would be at the origin of nearly 25% of pesticide use worldwide (source: encyclo-ecolo.com)

According to WHO figures, nearly 20,000 dead per year are caused by pesticide poisoning in cotton fields and nearly 1 million farmers sick each year (allergies, rashes, respiratory problems etc.).


Her organic cotton is grown without GMOs, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and uses half the water consumption.

Benefits of organic cotton (vs classic):

✅ Zero pesticides, zero insecticides, zero chemical fertilizers 🐝 

✅ 50% water savings 💧

✅ Without allergens, carcinogens and without toxic residues 💪

✅ Unpolluted land, water and air 🌱

All the t-shirts offered on Saprising.com are made from cotton from organic farming by companies with GOTS or OCS certifications, the two world references in terms of organic fibers.

The label GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the most demanding certification to date for organic fiber textiles. It allows the control of the entire production chain starting from the cotton field to the finished product before printing. It guarantees a cultivation without GMOs and chemicals, including at the stage of dyeing clothes and certifies that the social standards of the World Labor Organization are respected.

Standard OCS (Organic Content Standard) provides independent certification that guarantees the traceability and integrity of organic raw materials throughout the manufacturing process.

All our clothes are also certified 100% vegan (very important for us) thanks to the PETA label and certified without substance harmful to humans and the environment thanks to the STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX® label (cf. "Eco-responsible manufacturing").



Recycled polyester is a material made from plastic bottles. This contributes to the recycling of plastic waste and does not require the production of new raw materials.

Only our sweatshirts contain 15% recycled polyester, the remaining 85% being organic cotton. The recycled polyester layer is located between two layers of organic cotton to never be in contact with your skin which gives our sweatshirts their "very soft" appearance for a feeling of optimal comfort.