Why plant trees?

Each year, the equivalent of a quarter of the French area is deforested globally (approximately 35 football stadiums per minute). The result is that in just 50 years, 68% of wild animals have disappeared (source: WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature). Although deforestation is not the only cause, we link these two pieces of information because we know that lForests are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and that they are one of the main oxygen producers and carbon scavengers of planet Earth (alongside phytoplankton).


The extra-ordinary powers of the tree 🌳


Trees are one of the primary means of fight against climate change. They produce oxygen and purify the air by absorbing CO2 and fine particles. They serve as habitat and pantry for millions of animal species. They feed the earth and make soils more fertile thanks to the decomposition of their leaves. They protect ecosystems and their populations from storms, floods, landslides ... They limit drought by humidifying the air. They filter the water and allow restrict soil erosion.


Our commitment 🌱

For all these reasons, we wanted to commit to plant a tree for each order passed on our site. So by buying from us, you participate in the financing of a new tree.

You can follow the projects on which we have planted trees thanks to you, by clicking on the following link which redirects directly to our profile of reforest'actor.