Saprising.com is an online store that offers a wide choice of organic clothing and eco-responsible accessories of optimal quality.
It is the ideal place (in all modesty) to find ideas for pre-personalized gifts when you have no inspiration or to simply have fun.
The company is located in the South of France, more precisely in the Gard.

For the sake of clarity and transparency, we would like to remind you here that the first stage of manufacturing our products is not carried out in France (cf. responsible manufacturing).
Clothing is said to be the second most popular gift behind toys. The fashion industry is believed to be the second most polluting industry in the world behind the oil industry. So in October 2020, Saprising.com was created to offer a more responsible and committed alternative for the planet.

Beyond an alternative for more responsible gifts

Aware that the products offered on our store, although having the most neutralized impact possible, do not bring real positive value for the environment if we hide the comparison with similar offers, we wanted from the start associating our growth with actions having real positive impacts for the planet.
Thus, we are committed to the climate and biodiversity by financing the planting a new tree for each order placed on saprising.com, thanks to the means set up by the site Reforest'Action.
For us, the protection of existing ecosystems and the renewal of destroyed forests are one of the priority actions to face environmental challenges (cf. Let's plant trees!).
This approach comes in addition to our activity, and we would like to remind you here that the best CO2 is not the one you compensate for, but the one you don't emit.